Most Amazing Photography

What is the beauty of taking beautiful pictures and not showing them? Exactly... NO BEAUTY at all.

On this page you'll see some of the Pictures that I have taken myself or that we#re taken by my girlfriend when travelling. These images are supposed to show the color of life or just point to small details of things that are so little and still so fascinating. If you like the pictures or if you like to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest just go ahead and use the buttons on the right to connect with me. I you even want to go further you can use the buttons to the left to share this page or specific blogs and make this even more mostamazingphotography 🙂

I try to update as often as possible and provide new impressions.

THANKS and enjoy, Timo

Sky Ladder Photography

Funny Thing is that even after having seen images like the one above people ask me how I took the picture below: “Did you take this with a ladder???” SURE! 🙂 This must be an amazingly huge ladder!!! Pictures taken nearby Cologne, Germany with my DJI Mavic Pro. It was …


A different angle onto Canola Have you also found canola fields fascinating? Typically we see it either from far away or from the ground looking over it. But have you ever seen a canola field right from above? This is how it looks:  This is taken from about 7 meters above …


This amazing picture was taken by the Cologne (Germany) photographer Jenny Egerer. Typically she shoots weddings but as a biologist by training she very much also appreciates the beauty of nature as well. The whole set of pictures she has taken can be found on her website: Jenny Egerer’s Kenia …

Most Amazing Photography

This is my first own website. With this I would like to share some of my photographs. Most of my inspiration I have gathered assisting the german wedding photographer Jenny Egerer